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Aug 05, 2012 · Is it possible for a man to have a 14 inch penis? And the 1% the really do infact have larger penis. But the biggest a man can even hope go have that is his own we would be 8 inch if that. ;) so anything else is a lie. Lol. Oh and those odd looking ones that are two toned. Those are grafted.Followers: 1.

Mar 14, 2005 · When I was in highschool I used to show off my dick to girls and guys but I never got laid there because I'm not your Brad Pitt type of guy even though I had a enormeous penis. Now that I finally have a girlfriend who I love,I can't have sex with her.

Can a guy really have a 14 inch penis? Home More advice Love In the guiness book of records I believe the record is held by someone who had a 14inch pen*s. I say "had" because he died when giving blood because he got an erection and there wasn't enough blood to go to his heart AND his 14inch pen*s. what is it really? Does he really love.

Jan 01, 2008 · Can a guy naturally have a 8-9-10 inch penis for real? not someone elses that someone has decided is the norm If it works then be proud of it man. Hope I was able to make my self clear and get the point across. Good Luck! Feel free to give me your view, as i leave that up to you if you wish. Some people do have really large ones. I Followers: 1.