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Sexual harassment can be between people of the same gender or different genders. The person who is directly harassed is the only victim. Third parties who witness harassment or are aware of it may also be victims of harassment. Harassment requires touching. Sexual harassment does not need to have a physical component. Harassment is always verbal.

Myth: An harasser has to have sexual intentions toward their target for the behavior to count as sexual harassment. Reality: Sexual harassment is discrimination and is a form of abuse, most commonly an abuse of power. The harasser's rationale does not change this fact.

Jul 17, 2017 · Myth #4: Conduct must be sexual in nature to constitute sexual harassment. While sexual harassment certainly does include unwelcome advances of a Author: Katie Loehrke.

Myth: There are adequate procedures to take care of people who seriously assault or threaten others at work. Fact: Society continues to view sexual harassment from a double standard. While male sexual harassers are tolerated with a “boys will be boys” attitude, female victims bear the brunt of the blame.