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I’d rather be a Saggar Maker’s Bottom Knocker than a One Legged Dancer | phil rogers saggar makers bottom

Saggar makers Saggar makers bottom knockers. What is a saggarmaker's bottom knocker? What's My Line? was a Classic British television panel game from the 's. Contestants with unusual occupations sign in, perform a mime of the job that they do, then field yes-or-no questions from four celebrities aiming to work out the contestant's job.

A saggar maker's bottom knocker was a job title considered sufficiently amusing for it to be featured on the television panel show What's My Line?. Whilst saggar making was a skilled craft, bottom knocking was far less skilled, consisting of beating clay into a metal ring. Studio pottery use.

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On a large potbank they were made by a team of men: one or two saggar makers, a frame filler, and a saggar-makers bottom-knocker. The word 'saggar' may come from the word 'safeguard'. "One of the essentials in a successful pottery business is a good saggar".