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But now his touch feels aversive and rather than turn her on, she hates it. don’t like having their breasts fondled. I don't like black sex out fits" finally made me so not attracted to.

How to increase the sensitivity in my nipples. By patti | 96 posts, and lightly skim his fingertips across my breasts & very lightly, its a turn on to me anyways, and feels really good I usually get goosebumps all over..I hope this helps..: D. Reply My mother tried it as well and noted it took her .

Jan 31, 2010 · Are there any guys out there who are butt or leg guys, not boob guys, who just don't get turned on by boobs? I've always seen guys say that as long as there's something there, they're happy. I'm a 32A. My boyfriend has admitted [by some force on my side] that he's not attracted to my boobs. They don't turn him on.Status: Open.

My new girlfriend is beautiful but doesn't turn me on? soggytoast. Xper 2. Follow. Facebook. Twitter. 0 0. i started dating this new girl about two weeks ago and she's pretty amazing. she's really beautiful but for some reason I don't get hard when were in bed unless I think of other girls. My new girlfriend is beautiful but doesn't turn me.