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Breast Reconstruction Surgery in Savannah A TRAM (transverse rectus abdominus musculocutaneous) flap procedure takes a section of muscle, fatty tissue and skin from the lower abdomen and tunnels it under the skin to the chest area to reconstruct the breast. If the blood vessels have been cut, then they will be reattached to blood vessels in.

If you undergo unilateral reconstruction with Dr. Lynn, the TRAM flap can potentially offer better symmetry than using an implant. Latissimus Flap Breast Reconstruction: The latissimus dorsi flap method has been used for breast reconstruction for more than thirty years. Using skin from your body, this procedure is commonly combined with a.

Breast Reconstruction Savannah, GA. Breast reconstruction surgery after a mastectomy can help you return to a normal life following your successful breast cancer treatment. We perform a variety of reconstructive surgical procedures to satisfy our patients’ individual cosmetic or reconstructive needs.Category: Cosmetic Surgery.

DIEP flap reconstruction is regarded today as the “gold standard” in reconstructive breast care following a mastectomy. It is a durable, natural solution for women seeking to redefine themselves following breast cancer and it is the signature area of focus at Cannon Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery.