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My cat just pissed on the tree skirt. — The Bump stop cat peeing under tree

Dec 04, 2017 · Why did my cat pee on the Christmas tree? If he sprayed the trunk and/or the skirt, the answer may surprise you. and learn how to stop a cat from peeing on the Christmas tree again. After all, and that’s why the tagline is ‘Everything Under the Sun‘.

Nov 29, 2009 · Cat urine is one of the strongest and most tenacious smells there is. If a cat pees, it's nearly impossible to get the smell out. Instead, here's how to stop your cat from peeing in your house.Reviews: 382.

Dec 24, 2006 · My cat is 10 and is and has always been an indoor only cat and has had the run of the house but lately she has been having moments of insanity for a lack of better words. Racing through the house for no reason and attacking the curtains and now peeing under the tree and on furniture!!Status: Open.

Vinegar, foil should keep cat from urinating under tree, Today's question: My wife put a tree skirt under our Christmas tree and our cat decided to mark it with urine. Is there a for-sure cure to keep cats from marking items like this?