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Asian-style landscaping, gardens and decks is what we turn our attention to today, and while Japanese design elements are always a big part of these gorgeous gardens, we consciously refrained from showcasing many Japanese gardens, having already shared them with you.Asian gardens go beyond mere aesthetics and attach symbolic value to everything used in transforming the landscape.Author: Sherry Nothingam.

An irregular bluestone pathway flanked with pachysandra leads to an Asian-style gate with pergola. The gate draws the eye through to frame the rear yard and entice one to enter. Tip: You do not need a fence to have a gate. Simply tuck an arbor gate into the landscape, which will draw you into the garden to discover what lies ahead.

Jan 19, 2017 · In today’s garden design the stone water baths bring more decorative value to the garden’s decor. Zen Garden Gates. The Zen Garden Gates (torii) have mainly a decorative and symbolic function. Sometimes thy even lack the gate’s portals for closing – just a simple wooden frame in Asian style greets the visitors of the garden.

28 Japanese Garden Design Ideas to Style up Your Backyard by Sherry Nothingam There is something innately profound and inherently calming about Asian design with Oriental overtones in large and Japanese design and architecture in particular.Author: Sherry Nothingam.