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Deviant sexual intercourse. Typically, the act itself is not a crime, but the term is used to describe forcible or otherwise involuntary acts that differ from the crime of rape (sometimes deviant sexual intercourse is included in the definition of rape), in the way that indecent assault might be used in other states and countries.

These are not meant to be rigid categorizations, but simply examples of how behaviors tend to be perceived — for example, illegal activities such as underage drinking are classed as "deviant," whereas in reality, this is quite common and often accepted by youth and adults.

Aug 09, 2015 · Deviant behaviors, or deviant acts in society refer to behavior that violate social norms and expectations. Deviance can be something as small as dressing in gothic clothing, or something as serious as burning someone's house down. Each society ha.

A condition, such as exhibitionism or masochism, in which sexual gratification is derived from activities or fantasies that are generally regarded as atypical or deviant. Such a condition when it causes distress or impaired functioning in the individual or actual or potential harm to others; a paraphilic disorder.