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Sizing Guide for Youth Shirts - ooShirts.com youth large vs adult small

A youth extra large shirt is wider and shorter proportionally than an adult small shirt. If you are on the fence about whether to order a youth extra large or an adult small, it is probably best to order the adult small shirt. We do not carry any infant clothing so youth extra small is the smallest shirt that we offer.

Mar 22, 2014 · Hey all, looking to pick up a jersey sometime soon and I'm conflicted between getting a Youth XL or and Adult Small I'm 5"7 and 135 lbs btw. What I'm most concerned about is the issue with the numbers on the Youth XL being wayyy too small (according to some old posts I've read) compared to the Adult sized jerseys.

How much difference is there between a youth XL and adult small within the nike jerseys? Youth extra large is shorter and wider. Adult small is longer and slimmer.

Youth large is sometimes referred to as "L" and universally, this size fits children with 31 to 33-inch chests, 26 to 27.5-inch waists and 55 to 60 inches in height. Youth medium is the same as size 8 to 10 and youth small fits children wearing size 6 to 7. Youth X-large is converted into sizes 16 through 18.