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Lube’s Effect on the Body will an allegric reaction cause vaginal discharge

You need to identify the source of your allergic reaction and discontinue its use to treat your symptom. Just keep in mind that vaginal discharge and itching could be due to much more than allergic reactions. Types of Allergic Reaction on Vagina. You can develop vaginal allergic reactions due to .

More often than not people assume that there’s something amiss in their own body before realizing what they’re experiencing is a reaction to an ingredient in a personal lubricant! Understanding how your body interacts with personal lubricants is essential to finding the right lube for you, especially if irritation or abnormal reactions are occurring. .

My vaginal discharge is normal in color but has a fart smell to it and I ve recently had an allergic reaction to some toilet paper at work and when I went to the dr he said he didn t see any Not relevant? Ask a doctor now Allergic to their own vaginal discharge Waxy vagin discharge cyst.

Bleeding, Drainage or pus, Vaginal bleeding and Vaginal discharge. WebMD Symptom Checker helps you find the most common medical conditions indicated by the symptoms bleeding, drainage or pus, vaginal bleeding and vaginal discharge including Ectopic .