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Stage of reorganisation. It corresponds with stage half adult and the start of the adultez later arriving to the stage of the labour retirement. In this period the life reorganises and the cognitive capacity and intellectual employs for another type of companies in which it prevails less the character rewarded (in general). Stage reintegrativa.

Jan 05, 2017 · Piaget’s theory of cognitive development suggests that children progress through a series of stages of mental development. The theory outlines four distinct stages from birth through adolescence, focusing on how children acquire knowledge, reasoning, language, morals, and memory.

Because we spend so many years in adulthood (more than any other stage), cognitive changes are numerous during this period. In fact, research suggests that adult cognitive development is a complex, ever-changing process that may be even more active than cognitive development in infancy and early childhood (Fischer, Yan, & Stewart, 2003).

the first stage of cognitive development, encompassing all of childhood and adolescence achieving stage the point reached by young adults in which intelligence is applied to specific situations involving the attainment of long-term goals regarding careers, family, and societal contributions.