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If your pH varies too much it's difficult for enzymes to function properly, which can lead to illness. The fastest, most accurate way to measure your pH is by using pH test strips. Healthy Wiser pH Test Strips make it easy for you to monitor your pH levels from home and get fast, accurate results.4.3/5(4).

How and When to Use pH Strips And where to buy them Testing your pH with pH strips is fast, easy, and inexpensive. Knowing how and when to use these strips will help you accurately assess your health. You can purchase pH strips at drug stores, health food stores, or online. My favorite brand is below- pHion pH Stix - pH Test Strips.

Feb 11, 2018 · Buy pH Test Strips 120ct - Tests Body pH Levels for Alkaline & Acid Levels Using Saliva & Urine. Track & Monitor Your pH Balance & A Healthy Diet, Get Accurate Results in s. pH Scale 4.5-9 on Amazon.com FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders4.1/5(1.8K).