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Adult Day Centers offer an interactive, safe, supervised environment for older adults and adults with a dementia-related disease, Parkinson’s Disease, or other organic brain syndromes. T hey provide personal care, nursing services, social services, therapeutic activities, nutrition, and therapeutic diets and emergency care.

Wilder’s Adult Day Health Program helps older adults with memory loss, mental health concerns, physical or chronic conditions (such as diabetes or heart disease) to maintain their independence while experiencing meaningful connections, a sense of belonging and an enhanced quality of life.

Adult day care offers a stimulating social environment while giving caregivers a break. Start exploring your options and find the best center for your needs. What is adult day care? Adult day care is a planned program of activities in a professional care setting designed for older adults who require.

Adult day services is a professional care setting in which older adults, adults living with dementia, or adults living with disabilities receive individualized therapeutic, .