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Constipation is a common concern in older adults. A stepwise approach is especially important given the multiple risk factors, comorbidities, and medication-induced causes. Management of medication-induced causes, lifestyle modification, and nonpharmacologic therapies should be the first step to avoiding unnecessary drug therapy.Cited by: 12.

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Nov 01, 1993 · Approximately 30% of older adults use laxatives at least once weekly, and laxatives account for 1% of physician prescriptions in addition to approximately 700 over-the-counter preparations. This study evaluated the efficacy of a fiber and fluid nursing intervention on the maintenance of bowel movements and elimination aid withdrawal in Cited by: 25.

Apr 26, 2016 · However, studies of constipation management among older adults in primary care have shown that prevalence of constipation is high before hospitalization (Noiesen et al., 2014; Song, 2012) and that it is one of the symptoms that, among older adults, adds to a symptom's burden which is associated with higher risk of hospitalization (Salanitro et Cited by: 6.