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Adult Size, 150cc, CVT Automatic with Reverse, the TrailMaster Blazer 150 Go Kart is a Top Seller in our all new Blazer series. Loaded with all the most requested features, stunning new styling and exciting graphics, Great looks, outstanding performance.

The teen to adult size go karts are intended for the experienced rider who wants to add more functionality into their buggy ownership. Not only do these karts feature increased speed and a more durable frame for off-road navigating, they also include add-ons such as a hitch mount and winch packages that can turn the buggy into a 'working' vehicle.

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Are you looking for a go kart for adults that is also environmentally friendly and quiet? Then, check out our list of the best electric go karts for adults that you can buy this year. Depending on your budget, you can get a kart that has all the bells and whistles or settle for a unit that is more basic but can still be used in family activities.