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May 22, 2016 · Not unless you want help. Before the age of six, it’s relatively common for children to lisp /s/ and /z/ sounds.But, for some adults, a lisp can be embarrassing, affecting their social activities and/or professional life.. But lots of adults lisp and there is some evidence to suggest that it’s becoming more common among some groups of young adults and acceptable to society at large (e.g.

May 27, 2011 · How to Correct a Frontal Lisp. May 27, 2011 by Heather 68 Comments. A friend of mine recently asked me to listen to her little boy’s speech because she was concerned about him having a frontal lisp. His lisp never bothered her until someone outside of their family commented on “how cute” his little lisp was! ADULT: “We are going to.

Aug 08, 2018 · What is a Lisp? Interdental lisps. These lisps happen when people put their tongues between their teeth while trying to make an “S” sound, but what comes out is more of a “TH” sound. Dentalized lisps. This kind of lisp involves people putting their Author: Sean Froyd.

A lisp can be readily corrected at any age and in as quickly as three months. Our Approach. At Well Said: Toronto Speech Therapy we have the experience and dedication to help you correct your lisp, providing you with the tools to achieve a new style of speech to succeed in real life.