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Can’t Hear Cell Phone Ringing cell phone ringer adults cant hear

Jun 13, 2006 · Several young students have caught on to a recent trend: a ring tone that only they can hear and most adults can't. Dubbed the Mosquito, the noise stems from an Discuss: A ring tone many adults can't hear.

Can’t Hear Cell Phone Ringing. by Neil Bauman, Ph.D. A lady explained: My mother-in-law is hard of hearing and only has a cell phone now. She doesn’t hear it ring all of the time and I am trying to find something that will amplify the ring on the phone, or something that will notify her that it is ringing. When hard of hearing people.

Aug 14, 2009 · First, most hard of hearing people have a high-frequency loss—which means they don’t hear the higher-frequency cell phone ring tones very well. Therefore, to make it easier to hear your cell phone ringing, download (or choose) the lowest frequency ring tone that is available for your phone.

Jun 12, 2006 · Some students are downloading a ring tone off the Internet that is too high-pitched to be heard by most adults. With it, high schoolers can receive text message alerts on their cell phones .