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adult vasculogenesis

Vasculogenesis is the process of blood vessel formation in the embryo, occurring by a de novo production of endothelial cells. It is sometimes paired with angiogenesis, as the first stage of the formation of the vascular network, closely followed by angiogenesis.

Feb 01, 2005 · Thus, we provide the first evidence that adult vasculogenesis is a distinct process and propose a potential mechanism by which bone marrow–derived cells are able to produce new blood vessels in response to ischemia. We demonstrate that postnatal vasculogenesis is initiated primarily as a response to local tissue ischemia.

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Vasculogenesis is the de The term neovascularization means the formation of any blood vessel in the adult regardless of its size or type. 1.3. THE ANGIOGENIC PROCESS. 1.3.1. Types of Angiogenesis. Sprouting angiogenesis and intussusceptive angiogenesis both occur in utero and in adults.Cited by: 4.