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Our lawyers explain some of the factors in deciding whether a person is eligible for diversion for criminal charges like shoplifting, marijuana, and other minor charges in Ontario. Skip to content. Robichaud's Criminal Lawyers: Diversion and alternative measures in Ontario criminal courts.

Jul 13, 2017 · The Adult Alternative Measures Program (AMP), is a diversion program that is designed for individuals who have no criminal record (or a dated criminal record), and who have been charged with a minor criminal offence. AMP was implemented in recognition of the fact that sometimes it is not worthwhile prosecuting very minor offences, particularly.

Adult alternative measures program. Tweet: Email: Asked almost 10 years ago in Ontario Categories: Answer Now. Answer by John P Gustafson. British Columbia lawyer. Alternative Measures is available for this type of offense if the Crown agrees to it. If Alternative Measures are approved the Crown will stay (drop) the charges once the program.

Alternative Measures Definition: Canada; a much lighter disposition of a criminal charge regarding an adult accused who would be prepared to plead guilty and which does not result in a criminal record or incarceration but instead usually results in a mild penalty such as community service, an apology to the victim or counseling.