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Jul 05, 2011 · Rescue your skin from both with these expert tips and product picks for treating adult acne and aging skin. Tips and tricks for treating both skincare woes "A lot of wrinkle creams are Author: Nina Judar.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Anti-Blemish Clear Skin Cream ($12.99) combines retinol with salicylic acid to keep skin younger-looking and free of acne. This is a great night treatment for Author: Liesa Goins.

Aug 17, 2014 · A mild cleanser and a moisturizer provide the foundation for any smart adult-acne and anti-aging regimen. The daily use of an acne wash may overdry skin, which could trigger more oil secretion and pimples, as well as leaving skin feeling tight. Instead, supplement a mild cleanser with a 2 percent salicylic acid spot treatment where needed to Author: Gina Way.

Dec 28, 2018 · Adult acne is common in women, mainly due to hormonal shifts. Here, dermatologists explain why you're still breaking out past puberty and offer the Author: Alyssa Shaffer.